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In 2013, a series of events caused us to quickly outgrow our old office, located at 7111 Prospect Pl.  When the building across the street became available, we were delighted with the possibilities of not having to move too far...  Until we went inside.  The building was in complete disrepair.  Remodeling it into a dental office seemed like an insurmountable task.  But armed with a great vision for what the place could be, Dr. Shepherd and his wife began making plans to renovate the building into a suitable space. 


The Story

The building was originally constructed in 1963 as a private school.  It had a similar layout to our office, with classrooms surrounding a courtyard.  In the 80's the school was closed and the building was converted into a professional office space.  By 2013, few tenants remained and few improvements had been made to the building in the 50 years since it was originally built.  With architects and contractors arranged, Dr Shepherd shared his vision for what the building could become.


The Shepherds' vision came together during a visit to Santa Barbara, California.  Drawing on the classic Spanish Colonial style, Dr Shepherd designed the floorplan of the new facility, which was to include gracious and open living spaces, classic arches, white stucco, clay tiled roof, extensive use of decorative talavera tile, and the central feature of an open air courtyard.  With the help of his wife, Tamera, they designed all of the interior spaces, and he personally designed the soothing courtyard.  The result is a dental office unlike any other in the nation. With all of the treatment rooms surrounding the courtyard, each room is filled with light and a lovely view of the serene fountain.  The design completely eliminates any reminder of the close proximity to shopping and restaurants that abound just steps away from the office.  Patients consistently comment on how unlike a dental office the place feels, and how soothing and calming the view of the courtyard is. 


The building was designed with future developments in dentistry in mind.  It allows us to offer the latest in techniques and services.  We look forward to providing you the best in dental care that New Mexico has to offer for many decades to come.


Before shots of the building's exterior, lobby and courtyard: